Hamilton Weston Wallpapers

Founded in 1981 by husband and wife team, Robert and Georgina, Hamilton Weston Wallpapers specializes in the faithful reproduction of historic wallpapers.

Collected over many years, this rich archive provides the basis of a collection used by many of Britain’s historic palaces, museums and treasured houses. Film companies, and those passionate to use historically accurate papers, find these wallpapers accurately reflect originals used in properties dating as far back as 1690.

The skill and precision with which papers are reproduced can also offer clients a bespoke service to reproduce fragments discovered in their original setting.

Every discovery and paper fragment carries an intriguing story with it, which adds to the beauty and charm of the collection. Knowing where they were discovered and who lived in many of the famous houses associated with the papers provides provenance rarely understood.

Archway House, circa 1800Archway House, circa 1800
Bird & Blossom, circa 1910Bird & Blossom, circa 1910
Bloomsbury Dot, circa 1810Bloomsbury Dot, circa 1810
Carlyle Damask, circa 1828Carlyle Damask, circa 1828
Chester Square, circa 1840Chester Square, circa 1840
Green Park, circa 1800Green Park, circa 1800
Jasmine Dot, circa 1830Jasmine Dot, circa 1830
Lambeth Saracen, circa 1690Lambeth Saracen, circa 1690
Richmond Trellis, circa 1840Richmond Trellis, circa 1840
Sandycombe Trellis, circa 1813Sandycombe Trellis, circa 1813
Sophie’s Choice, circa 1890Sophie’s Choice, circa 1890
Strand Teardrop, circa 1790Strand Teardrop, circa 1790
Swakeley’s Chinoiserie, circa 1750Swakeley’s Chinoiserie, circa 1750